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I was born in Zakopane and have spend my childhood living very close to the Tatra National Park borders. Naturally, Tatra valleys close to Zakopane became my playground where I spent lot of time with friends. Afterwards I started hiking in this beautiful mountains with my parents and friends. 

Once I found myself on the hardest, signed path in the Tatras - known as Orla Perć (Eagle Path)- I spot climbers on Zamarła Turnia (Death Crag) and I knew straight away that it’s going to be my next step to get to know our mountains even better.

My first climbs in Tatras have been done in 1992, at a climbing course organised by Mountaineering Club from Zakopane. Consequently, I have climbed more routes in summer and in winter. As a result of this, I gained more and more experience spending all my free time after school in the mountains. 

Since then, I was lucky to climb on the other mountain ranges around the world such as: 

Yosemite in California, Mont Blanc massif in French Alps, Bernese Alps in Switzerland, Dolomites in Italy, Gorge du Verdon in France, Stubaier Alps in Austria or Ben Nevis North Face in Scotland.

Apart from climbing the mountains, my second nature and passion is skiing. Up to the age of 15, I used to take part in the alpine skiing competitions. Shortly, I have discovered ski touring, or so called ski alpinism, as a fantastic way to visit the mountains in winter. 

Experience, which I gained climbing and skiing for many years, resulted in my future life as a mountain profesional. Below you can find my most important qualifications:

  • Tatra Mountain Guide - The qualification certified by passing an official long term guiding course as well as the final exams.This certificate allows to guide people, in summer and in winter, in exposed mountain terrain, with a use of ropes and climbing techniques.
  • Mountain Rescuer (Tatra Mountain Search and Rescue) TOPR - In winter, I work full time at the rescue service in Tatras. I specialise in handling avalanche dogs. I own certified avalanche search dog, named Has (border collie)
  • Skiing Instructor (Polish Skiing Association) PZN - This is an internationally recognised, skiing instructor certificate, which allows me to teach skiing at all levels. 

Privately, I am a happy husband to Aleksandra and the father of two boys- Klimek and Staś. We all love life in the outdoors and try to spend there as much time together, as we can. 

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